GTO Dominican Cigars by Dr. Oscar Rodriiguez

Our cigars are made from the finest, aged first-generation Cuban seed tobacco and each GTO Cigar is meticulously crafted by some of the most experienced torcedors (rollers) in the Dominican Republic. Our family farm, located in Santiago, in the heart of the Valle del Cibao. The Valle del Cibao is nestled between two mountain ranges to the north and south, which provide protection to the tobacco crops from Caribbean hurricanes and storms. The Dominican Republic's most fertile and deepest topsoil is located here. This is not only the prime tobacco growing region of the Dominican Republic but, unquestionably, one of the finest tobacco growing regions in the world. According to Cigar Aficionado Magazine - the "Valle del Cibao is to the Dominican Republic what the Vuelta Abajo is to Cuba." Many of the finest cigar manufacturers in the world are located in this region, as our we